Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting Started with Indoor Gardening

 In many climates, it is extremely difficult to maintain an outdoor garden. If the temperatures are below freezing for a good portion of the year, it might be wise to bring your plants inside and start indoor gardening. Alternatively, you can do indoor gardening just to give your house a more natural feel, along with some nice decorations. Flowers blooming in your house add a lot to the décor, especially if you have the pride of having grown them yourself. If you are interested in starting to garden indoors, read on and find out some of the basics.

Some plants are simply not suited for growing in an indoor environment. If they take a large amount of water, then you will probably want to keep it outside. Watering a plant a lot, you can easily end up drowning it with too much water, or not giving it what it needs out of caution. So try to pick a plant that doesn’t require too much water. Another bad aspect of indoor gardening comes when a plant drops leaves or flowers all over your floors. Make sure you’re familiar with what the plant does during all seasons, so that you don’t end up with a huge mess on your floor.

Next you have to make sure that you will give the plant the attention it needs. Especially if you have many different plants across your house, it will be wise to set up a routine for watering. Figure out how often each plant needs watered, then color-code them with small tags or marks on the pot. Maybe you will water red tags once a week, and green tags will get watered every Tuesday and Thursday. It all depends on what types of plants you have. Just make sure you have some sort of system so that you will remember the individual needs of each plant.

The supplies are the final important part of indoor gardening. Naturally you will want pots that will blend in with your current décor. This will be fairly easy to accomplish. You can get ceramic pots, clay pots, metal pots, or wooden pots in any design. You can hang them from the ceiling, set them on tables, or place them in the corner. Just think about how big the plant is going to get, how fast it will get there, and what parts of your house need decoration. Indoor gardening is a fun and rewarding hobby, and fortunately it is easy to get started.

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