Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden office recommendations

We often get notes of thanks from our garden office customers. I think this one, that arrived a couple of days ago is the best yet: -
"I can say without doubt that I am totally delighted with my new music room/garden office. When I first started looking for a building I almost gave up, because firstly I could not find anything that resembled the quality and specification of a house extension and secondly I could not find a company that would be able to supply a building with limited site access. However InsideOut Buildings were able to fulfil this on both counts.
Planning, dsign and construction were also made easy at every stage.
With the quality of the timber and materials used, along with the excellent workmanship in the building, this project must surpass the quality of many modern house builds.  Along with double thickness roof, floor and wall insulation, plus double glazed windows and door, my building is in the same class as a Scandinavian timber house." Graham Boutell, Byfleet Surrey.
Graham's building is pictured above.

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