Monday, June 28, 2010

A Natural Oasis

The divide between home and office has been diminishing, with more and more people turning their personal sanctuary into office space. And for good reason: working from home and telecommuting saves a worker the physical commute to work, fuel expenses and time. Flexible working arrangements can also benefit the actual companies themselves - workers are more productive with flexible working hours and a less stressful “life/work” balance results. A home worker furthermore has the opportunity to surround themselves in a positively stimulating natural work environment, instead of a stressful, stuffy, synthetic cubicle.
A Good Work Environment
Your work environment has a profound impact on productivity.  If you have opted to work from home, your office space should not be designated to any old spare corner in the house, so select your work space and conditions appropriately.  Your first consideration should be choosing an area that is relatively free from distraction and noise to enable you to work.
You will also work more efficiently and positively in a bright open space, which filters in plenty of refreshing natural light. Do, however, offset the brightness (which can be overwhelming in summer), with some curtains to minimize glare, and invest in some good table lamps.  A comfortable chair is also a must, as well as the usual office furniture. Your office design should likewise be very practical and organised, maintaining your own professional image and that of the company you represent.
The Garden Office- A Great and Green Working Option
You may actually wish to create an office space in a nature-inspired area full of lush greenery.  Nature can be profoundly calming and help keep stress at bay. Creating a garden office can be a tranquil environment to work in, and can even be detached from your regular home, so you can feel as if you are actually going to work.  A garden office can be a lodge, studio or entire building on its own devoted to your work practices. It can be as lush and green as you wish to make it. Once there, you can choose natural, eco-friendly materials and furniture.  A garden office or studio is like a private cove that is ideal for analysis, thinking, retreat and intense working.
A garden office can be as simple or as elaborate as a person wants to make it.  The important part is retaining its natural atmosphere and essence.  Perhaps you only wish to add a few plants and invest in some eco-friendly bamboo furniture, or maybe you would prefer to invest in a complete greenhouse office and do your part at being economically sustainable.  Solar panels, eco-friendly paint, recycled paper, desks made of environmentally sustainable materials and low energy lights are some features to include in a green office.  Whatever features you decide, your office should be your natural oasis.
Electronic Equipment
As natural as you wish to make your green office, it will still require the electrical essentials necessary for work.  A natural environment is relaxing to work in; a cluttered one is not.  Some of your organizational essentials in any office space, including a green one, are your computer, laptop (if possible, for portability), filing cabinet, desk, telephone, and printer.
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