Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gardening Gifts for Your Green-Thumbed Friends

 Almost everyone has at least one friend who is a gardening enthusiast. You know, that person who spends every waking moment perfecting their garden. Well, when it comes time to giving that person a gift, it can quite often be a challenge to think of exactly what they would like. However, it’s always possible to come up with something that will suit them well, so here are some ideas of things that you should consider.

The first type of gardening gift is something that will make their gardening easier. Sometimes this could be a gardening tool. Lots of gardeners spend lots of time doing repetitive actions, such as planting bulbs or pruning their bushes. While you can get these jobs done with basic tools, it’s possible to get them done easier and quicker with specialty tools. You can get a bulb planter, a pruner, a lawn aerator, or any number of other handy gardening tools. So if you hear your friend complaining about how difficult a certain task is, you can make it easier by getting the right gift.

The next type of gardening gift is to get them some sort of seeds, bulb, or plants to add to their garden. This can be a tricky one, since there are so many factors in play. You don’t want to get them something that is easily found in your area. You also don’t want to cause them a burden if your plant takes hours of work per day to maintain. Usually it is best to do this only if you have explicitly heard them state their desire for that plant. Also, if you go overseas, a plant from some exotic corner of the world could make a good gift. If you aren’t sure, it could be a good idea to ask them before you buy a plant. It may take away the surprise factor, but at least you know your gift will be appreciated.

If you haven’t had any chords of inspiration struck just yet, you can consider some alternatives to what I have mentioned. A subscription to a gardening magazine is always a safe gift. You can also buy a number of gardening novelty items, such as bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets, or artwork related to gardening. Just consider what your recipient is missing, and what would make their life easier.

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