Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inside an InsideOut garden room

Garden room and garden office brochures and websites are full of photos of the outsides of garden rooms, but the inside is just as important.

Our clients often send us photos of the inside of their InsideOut and below are some examples.

Some clients go for a clean efficient look: -

Garden office in Hertfordshire.

or an art deco feel: -

Garden studio in Yorkshire.

Whilst others enjoy a den in the garden: -

Garden room in Surrey

Or lots of open space: -

Garden office in Sussex.

And what is in the walls, floor and ceiling, keeing these people warm and condensation free in their offices and rooms at the bottom of the garden? Either 200mm of Rockwool or Sheepswool insulation. Having an eco-friendly garden office isn't complicated and doesn't require high technology. It requires high quality, low energy building materials, locally grown wood and a well thought out design.

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